The PIT’s Improv Program features a 5 Level Core Improv Curriculum, with opportunities for advanced “Level 6” Improv coursework, and improv electives.  Want to dip your toe into the world of improv? Take our 4 week 100% Fun, 0% Fear Level 0: The Joy of Improv class.

Musical Improv

Use the power of solid improv fundamentals to help you heighten the stakes of your scene-work and turn your improv scenes into musical numbers.

Sketch Comedy

The PIT’s Sketch Writing program features an 6-week core sketch class. After that, we offer specialized electives for you to find your comedic voice. 

Solo Performance

The PIT solo offerings will help you develop various artistic disciplines such as Standup, Storytelling etc. Follow the fear as you step on stage, just you and your show.