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Stand Up

ONLINE Women+ Stand Up Workshop 7-9:00PM EST

Wednesday 9/22 – Wednesday 10/27

Instructor: Christi Chiello

This course is designed to give womxn+ the opportunity to securely develop their comedy chops in a safe, engaging & supportive environment. Classes will serve as a laboratory for creating original stand-up material while discovering your truth and voice. Students will learn how to translate their ideas into a crafted 5 minute set through proper joke structure, writing & editing techniques, all while developing a commitment to their own, unique sense of humor! Students are encouraged to experiment outside their comfort zone and take risks by being specific, vulnerable and having a strong point of view. This class is NOT anti-male nor should it be used to surpass months of open mics. But it will give you the tools you need to both build confidence in the choices you make & in your creative ideas on and off the stage. Course is open to all levels & beginners are welcome!

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In-Person Level 1 Stand Up 7-9:30PM EST

Sunday 9/26 – Sunday 11/14

Instructor: Chris Griggs


There’s nothing more exhilarating than performing stand up comedy, it can be intimidating.  More of a guide than a conventional class, this goal-oriented program will get you up there doing stand up for the first time. You will come out of this class with disciplined writing tools, informative personal feedback and important advice, as you begin your stand up comedy journey. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in other walks of comedy life, this class is for you. Class culminates in an online stand-up show, where students present their first 3 minutes of material.

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Remote Classes Added

Voted "Best Improv Classes" by New York Magazine, the PIT Comedy School is dedicated to fostering the art of comedic theater through coursework in Performance, Professional Writing & Production.